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Ownership Models for Developers

Ownership Models for Developers

In Turkey, there are three different ways that developers choose for starting new projects.

Single Ownership Model
• Land acquisition is the major issue for this practice due to high land costs and lack of land availability in the city centre.
• The developer covers all costs single-handedly, thus it could lead to some financial bottleneck in development process.
• It offers highest yield during disposal transaction thanks to property rights, which are held 100% by owner.

Flat for Land Model
• The common practice in the office and residential market.
• Title deed of the estate, which is the final product of the process, is shared between developers and landowners in terms of independent units.
• It has negative effect on the office buildings, impairing the quality because of strata sale transactions, particularly in disposal process.

Revenue Sharing Model
• The most preferred development model especially in the retail market.
• In general, the model is put into practice by joint venture between landlords and developers.
• ike the flat for land model, this practice offers low yield rate during disposal process.

We are also giving service in some flat for land developed projects, where we can get you best price opportunities in 2nd hand market. In this kind of projects, the advantage is getting a better price in market with title deed right away whilst most of buyers purchase with a higher price from developer, just because they are not aware of the situation.


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